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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  dnriddell@yahoo.com.au
Date:  12/17/2014 10:59:28 PM
Subject:  A Long Road Home
Message:  All of us, in many different ways, have, over the decades, been impacted by Mickey Newbury and his music.
I use the word 'impacted' because, that is how Mickey was able to 'connect' musically, or if you like, to express deep emotional feelings.

If you understand the 'impact' then you know what I am talking about.

I am just a simple man, who happened to hear the music at exactly the appropriate time in my life, when it had a major 'impact'.
It still 'reverberates' to this day.

I have asked myself many times, 'what is my favourite Mickey Newbury song?'
Maybe you have asked yourself the same question.
And I know.
It is impossible, to narrow it down.........

Unless, like Mickey, the older you get, and knowing that your days are becoming more numbered, and you start to reflect on your past......

I have to say, that the song A Long Road Home, says it all to me.
This is such a beautiful, nostalgic, emotional, heartfelt song.

I especially love the fourth line through to the ninth line of this wonderful song.
Look it up.

If this does not 'impact' upon you then I don't know
what else to say............
Other than......I love you, dearhearts

 A Long Road Home by aussiedave  at 12/17/2014 10:59:28 PM