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Author:  RandyD
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Date:  8/28/2014 1:24:20 PM
Subject:  It's Only Temporary
Message:  Dear Hearts and Gentle People,

I had no idea my current circumstances had gone public without my knowledge until Kimberly told me what she had shared with you. Had I known the direction her heart was leading her I would have gently told her don't do it, it's ok, everyone is going through something, and there are many here and elsewhere who are having a far worse time of it than me. Truthfully, while things have been somewhat difficult I've never given up hope or not known my situation is only temporary. Nevertheless, I am touched deeply by your encouragement, prayers, inspiration, and the grace you continue to demonstrate to me, as well as to others, time and time again.. As Ernie said at our most recent gathering we are a family, slightly dysfunctional perhaps, but family nevertheless.

As an aside I don't believe I been on the back porch since Jules was a baby due much in part because I could not remember my password, but today I did remember it. As for Jules, he's fourteen, in the 9th grade, and now is taller than me.

I love, appreciate, and respect you all so much.


 It's Only Temporary by RandyD at 8/28/2014 1:24:20 PM
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