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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  dnriddell@yahoo.com.au
Date:  8/14/2014 12:28:17 AM
Subject:  Re: ok, I'm back
Message:  Hey, another Larry. You had me trawling through my old vinyl 'recards'.
I found a 1986 MCA recard titled 'sweet memories'
a beautiful pic of Mickey on the front.
side 1 an American trilogy
       good morning dear
       if you ever get to Houston
       she even woke me up to say goodbye
       dizzy lizzy
side 2 sweet memories
       remember the good
       the future's not what it used to be
       how I love them old songs

I remember walking into my local music store in 1986 and seeing this album.
I just had to get it.............
I would like to know if anyone else has one in their recard collection.

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