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Author:  Larry Moore
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  6/1/2014 7:39:23 PM
Subject:  Gathering
Message:  I posted this on face book and forgot to post it here>                 

SOME DEPRESSING NEWS: Mamie will not be coming to the gathering. She's not able and she's not happy. BUT Brenda and Jerry are going to have a small gathering before or after or both, the Gathering in Austin, at Mamies house. As many that want to can come; just let them know. Actually, wait and let them know when there will be more information that either I or one of the Newbury Clan or someone else, can post here or on the old blue board with more details.
Talked to Mamie Newbury, last Thursday about this and it broke my heart when she told me that she has attended the last gathering that she will ever be able to go to. So to all you people that put last years Gathering together it was one of the most special times in this sweet ladies life. Special thanks to Lyn, who rounded up the wagon trains, to get this done.
To all the OLD Newbury people, we knew this time in life would come. But it's not the first time that the gatherings "life blood" has been takin' away, but seems there was always some one to pick up the Flag and go for it.
I'm not trying to bump her off, because we all know how Mamie and Mickey keep and kept coming back.
As far as the Newbury women and their 400 little boys, I don't know. I feel sure that they will attend the Austin Gathering but may cut a few days there to go see Mamie, BUT that's just my opinion and am sure they will let their plans be known before the Gathering.
Ok, I'm going outside to burn some tree limbs and crap. I'll have my cell phone with me if you need to ask about something that I didn't cover. Just remember, I'm not that smart and I don't know all the plans.

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