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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  5/12/2014 6:02:03 AM
Subject:  Re: Del Rio Radio
Message:  The forms of music riding the airwaves of Mickey’s youth - blues, jazz, white gospel, black spirituals, R&B, the Grand Ole Opry’s country sounds - were parts of a common Southern culture. As a teenager, he listened mainly to R&B radio stations. Houston’s KYOK with deejays Daddy Deep Throat and Dizzy Lizzy was very popular. Mickey and Talmage tuned in to Dizzy Lizzy just about every evening. Unregulated superpowers XERB and XERF - just across the border from Del Rio, Texas - hit Houston like a bomb, especially at night. And late in the evening, WLAC from Gallatin, Tennessee was a Newbury favorite.

During the fifties, WLAC on 1510 KHz was the nation's most influential R&B outlet. After dark, the station's clear- channel signal boomed the voices of jive-talking deejays Gene Nobles, Hoss Allen and John Richbourg - John R - to thousands of listeners across the country. “We all listened to John R from Nashville,” Mick said. Accompanied by ads for Royal Crown hairdressing, “He came on the radio late at night with an all rhythm and blues show.”

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