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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  4/29/2014 6:17:38 AM
Subject:  Gathering
Message:  In 2003 Randy Brown convinced me to come to the Gathering. I finally decided to come the next year. Can't believe that was ten years ago today. A lot has happened since. I came to befriend all of the Newbury family and made a few very special friends. Got wonderful response on some of my songs too. And my English, well it is a privilege to be multi-lingual! Thru the years we've lost dear old family members and friends too, some unexpected, some unavoidable. And there always seem to be a song of Mickey that fitted to the situation. I learned a lot from his songs, they seem to, sort of, deepen life. I won't be at The Gathering, but in May I hope to see Leah, somewhere near the Utah/Wyoming border. I am traveling with three friends on motorbike thru the area. A long overdue desire. Got this song in my head: A long road home….

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