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Author:  Michael O'Hanlon
E-mail:  douglasweekly@eircom.net
Date:  5/4/2004 1:04:10 PM
Subject:  an american treasure
Message:  Good night America,how are you?(well,it's night in Ireland)I got my mail from Mountain Retreat last week,the double cd entitled "Mickey Newbury,an American treasure".,it's simply fantastic.Give Ron Lyons a medal,on second thoughts give that man a chest full of them.Parts of it are very moving,Leah's tribute to her Dad,Mickey's last trip with Susan,   Mamie's true grit,it's a beautifully produced tribute.Now that most of us have the box set part one, how's about the box set part two?There's another 8 albums followed the first set.Or, the ultimate collection,the two box sets with the Ron lyons double cd history included.Now that's a complete Mickey Newbury musical history, what a treasure that would be.On the tribute Jack Williams mentions a live video cd of " Nights when I am sane", is it available on CD or DVD?Kris Kristofferson is coming to Killarney in June for a MusicFest with special guest John Prine.That's in my diary. Tomorrow night in the Lobby folk club here in Cork the singer is Eliza Gilkyson,daughter of the famous Terry who wrote"Greenfields","Marianne" and "memories are made of this"I'll drop in and check Eliza out.Thank God for live music.Finally,would anybody disagree with me when I say that the best musical critic's piece I have ever read is Hank Beukema classic piece on Mickey's" A long road home" album.It should be compulsory in every classroom.Hank,you have the gift.And everything you wrote was true, because what singer/songwriter would make me get into my car and drive to the ocean and listen to "A long road home"? only one, Mickey Newbury, an American Treasure.                                                                                                                   Good night America,Michael O'Hanlon

 an american treasure by  Michael O'Hanlon  at 5/4/2004 1:04:10 PM
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