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Author:  Larry Moore
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  2/28/2014 11:38:16 AM
Subject:  Old friend of Mickey's
Message:  Just went to get some propane for Monica, Billy and the kids camper. They are spending the weekend at the state park. She's so lucky to have me. To stay there you have to go to the state website and pick a park and you get what you get, when you get there. But because of my fantastic personality. I went there a week ago and had them reserve the place they wanted. Even had to go up yesterday to ask for tonight to be reserved as well. What a swell guy I am.

Oh yeah, forgot why I was posting. While getting the tanks filled up I started talking to this guy and as usual it lead to me mentioning Mickey. I know, but I'm weird that way. Turns out the guy went to high school with Mickey. We talked for over an hour. He forgot that he was supposed to be at the nursing home to help feed his mother. Hope she's ok. His name is Charles Donner. I told him all about the gatherings. I told him about the blue board, so if any of you visit it and see his name, welcome him.

Besides putting this here, I'm going to also put it on the blue board.

He told of a story where He, Mickey and two others were called to the principals office and were told that he was going to bust their butts ( It was mischief, but sounds more like they were flirting with girls by knocking their school books out of their hands.) Anyway they all got busted..... except for Mickey. He told the principal that there was no way that he was going to let him bust his butt. So, he go detention instead.

Seriously, Mickey? Were you that hard up?

PS: He also has Joe's book.

 Old friend of Mickey's by Larry Moore  at 2/28/2014 11:38:16 AM