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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  dnriddell@yahoo.com.au
Date:  2/16/2014 12:16:24 AM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday, Larry, Larry!
Message:  ok, so you really ARE 66. congratulations.
Down here it is 7.09pm 16th Feb. My lovely wife is watching some boring cooking show on TV.
I hate those reality TV shows.
We are proud grandparents of our third grandson, born 6th Feb. [Ashton, a brother to Lincoln and Marshall] My wife wanted to bring him home with us, but I said, 'why don't you stay here with the parents and I can go home and get some peace and quiet' She gave me one of those funny sideways looks,[as if you don't know what I'm talking about]and said 'you're not getting away with that'
sheesh, really, now what did I say, I can't work it out.

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