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Author:  Dave
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Date:  1/20/2014 8:53:08 AM
Subject:  For Bill
Message:  Ray Wylie Hubbard
either in 68 or 69 or maybe as late as 70 one night in dallas at a party stephen fromholtz and i actually cut our fingers and mixed our blood together.
now making him laugh was one of the most joyous feeling one could hope to experience.
one time he had a gig somewhere like ann arbor and his truck had broken down so we went in my old van that had a wooden bumper cause the other one had fallen off. we start off and he was driving but about 30 miles out of dallas he said maybe i should cause he had dropped something (old hippie term, look it up)
after about 2 days we get to the gig and its like the big 8 rugby championship is going on in town and these rugby players who are the audience were drinking with reckless abandon like like they knew they were going to bleed the next day..cause more than likely they were/
i recall the club owner told stephen like he didn't have to play for them and the next night would be better but stephen said something like i am an entertainer and i sing folk songs and this is what i do.
i wouldn't have gotten on that stage if i had had the mc5 backing me up cause it was a roar in there. stephen goes on this little stage and starts this cool rocking groove and begins to sing..
''now the man in the big hat is buying
so drink up while the drinking is free..''
well, he got em..and he held 'em.
yep. even these wild crazed doomed red eyed beasts who had escaped from the very depths of hell with no future except for bruises and broken bones and knocked out teeth fell under the spell of a very noble soul and a true poet that night.
i am deeply indebted to the gods to have known stephen fromholtz.
adios mi hermano de sangre,

 For Bill by Dave at 1/20/2014 8:53:08 AM
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