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Author:  Bob R
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Date:  12/9/2013 7:42:36 PM
Subject:  Re: Some Thoughts
Message:  Hi Bill,
I always thought Mickey's lyrics were easily accessible (in most cases), as he used direct and plain language. He didn't get into the "flowery" folk song language of the 1970's and later, lyrics used by many to try to make their songs into "poetry." Now, with Mickey, repeated listening shed new layers on the songs and lyrics. They never got old because there was depth to the lyrics which fit perfectly to the melody and was so emotionally presented by Mickey's voice (in perfect sympathy with his guitar on the solo performances or where it was featured in the mix). He did not obfuscate, he illuminated and revealed. John Hiatt has said music is not poetry, as so much is part of the performance and presentation. I have NEVER heard a Mickey song done by anyone as well as Mickey did them. Ever! As an example, try Willow tree. Easy language and clear imagery, but go back and review the metaphors and consider the alternative and varied meanings to the images presented. e.g. Was Mickey,recording in the 1970's when the LP came out, referring to himself as the old guitar being strung up again, releasing songs after periods of inactivity; or not? The idea of the willow being strong because it could bend was used several times. A metaphor for the human, to bend with the struggles and sorrows, but never break, like the mighty oak? That is why the songs are timeless, like great literature, because they reveal human truths and have the depth to continually renew us.

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