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Author:  susie g
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/9/2013 1:40:47 PM
Subject:  This porch
Message:  I come here several times a day, I Love hearing about everyone and what they are up too. We can't let it die. There are still too many of us left that care about each other. I would post more, but I think that ya'll might get tired of my hospital antics. However, I am going to write a book called, the best foods of hospitals in North Central Texas. LOL. But I do have several good things to report. First my GREAT-grandson Mathias, is now 5 months old and when he was 3 months was saying hungry...LOL. They will be flying in from Maryland the 20th of this month for Christmas.Can't wait to get my hands on him. There was something else, but I forgot what it was.Oh well.More later. Love and hugs!

 This porch by susie g at 12/9/2013 1:40:47 PM
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