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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  7/8/2013 2:47:40 PM
Subject:  The Dane is back home...
Message:  Hi all!

2.823 pictures taken from my music tour from the West coast of America, start out 7th June and back to the East coast of same.

My host there in Springfield, Oregon was Karen and Ellis, who drove me almost 600 miles around, to see the cost and the big woods and the mountains with snow on the top.

We was also visiting Mickey´s grave and dear Karen has bring flowers from her own garden, that we place there at his grave.

Also with Mickey Newbury family in Springfield, Oregon, Laura with family, mother Susan and Jim, and all the beautiful children, out on the Laura`s and Dustin Cherry`s house.
Karen and I, was invited out to a great dinner there and small talk.

From around 11th June and 5 days ahead in Tucson, Arizona, with family member of girl singer Linda Ronstadt.
Was lucky to stay at Hilton hotel and resort, there in town to 50% of the normal price, and has almost the most beautiful view in my life, when I was eating breakfast.

I was out with Bobby Kimmel, at his private house to a music rehearsal for group almost new group with name `I Hear Voices`, who include members of family Ronstadt and Kathy, two lady`s and two gentlemen all.
Bobby is known from Linda and Bobby`s old group, The Stone Poneys, who had a big hit around 1968-1969.

Dear Tim Light, another big J.W. fan, who around same time, was up to Jimmy Webb concert in MacArthur Park 15th June, Los Angeles, phone me in Tucson, from sound check around 6:00 pm. - concert was to start 8:00 pm.

I was out at same time, to music evening downtown Tucson with very skill music people there too, and Bobby Ronstadt was playing, singing "MacArthur Park" for us there.
There I even again meet at professor from Tucson University, who both is a skill singer and guitar player, and also a big Mickey Newbury fan.

I even dance there in Tucson that evening, with a lady, there back then in LA "wear the yellow cotton dress".

Was with you to The Mickey Newbury Gathering in Austin, Texas, (20th - 23th June).
My stay was total from around 17th - 25th June.
Been lucky to be there, to this Gatherings 2004 and ahead.

Thanks for all the music people for lovely music and friendship to, and to all the people, who did the hard work behind “the scene”, selling cds, merchandise and more, C.W. Colt and his team and many more.

Thanks for all kind words, friendship and for all privat car travel around, by Dale and Craig and more, to San Antonio (Alamo) and more, dinner driving all the time.
Our pick up at airport of dear Joey, when we was on way back from San Antonio, was a movie worth.

Most funny from me was, that when I was in Austin, Texas to The Gathering, a dear music couple of mine, who I been with there over many years told me, has there son Charles is Vice President of E1 Music, the Company who is behind the new J.W. duet cd.

Meeting dear Jon, when we was together at the Jimmy Webb concert at The Cutting Room on Manhattan, NY, 28th June.
Laura Webb and more lovely lady`s and Jon and I, was sitting around the table, and listening to the music.
Some days before the J.W. concert, Laura Webb and I, was out to eat at the West side of Manhattan.

Last visit on my trip was to Canada, capital Ottawa, Canada Day, 1th July included, with music by well known Canada music artists, when I was to visit with another big Jimmy Webb fan “Mixed up guy” up there, with his lovely wife Debbie.

Carly Rea Jepsen, very well know Canadian girl singer, sung for us at the Canada Day, and many more.
100.000 people and around, was “walking the street” this day.


erik "the Dane"

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