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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  6/30/2013 5:39:36 AM
Subject:  Re: Gathering Angels
The airport experience was a hi-light of the Gathering! One of the funniest things ever experienced! We had gone down to San Antonio with a quick side trip to Gruene. The adventure didn't really begin until we got to the airport to pick you up, Joey! This situation was hilarious! Gloria sat on Pat's lap on the way back to the hotel, I had to keep asking Gloria what he said because I could only hear garbled mumblings. Sardines never had it so cozy.

This will be one of the most memorable Gatherings ever. There is never one quite like the first one that we have gone to but this one was definitely special. Everything was near perfect and what a Gathering should be.

Funny thing about the airport debacle... I have never heard Erik so quiet! I think that he may have been a bit concerned that Dale or Pat was going to have to sit on his lap!


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