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Author:  Meeks
E-mail:  booker@congray.com
Date:  5/23/2013 1:46:45 PM
Subject:  Re: Why Live In Tombstone
Message:  This will be a catch-up so if I miss anybody, my apology.

Karen - thanks and there have been some changes since you were here, notably Nellie Cashman's Restaurant is gone and is nowMexican

Gerry - don't know if Mick ever made it here as I moved here after he let us. Probably so.....seems he hit every other place known to man.

Phil - got your email. I decided to go into 'high speed' and wound up in the worst entanglement since one of my marriages. For the time being, I am booker@congray.com

Craig - I must be slipping or maybe I'm just a kinda good & bad guy. I just counted and haveabout 20 Stetsons, all colors but white.

All thers -: appreciate your comments. It really is a good place to live, but I can't say about dying here......let you know about that later.

This weekend is 'Wyatt Earp Days' and everybody will be in 1880s attire and wearing Peacemakers....me, too!

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