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Author:  Judy W
E-mail:  bellavim714@aol.com
Date:  5/1/2004 5:50:02 PM
Subject:  Re: Nashville time....
Message:  Here is my spin on it! lol Cowgirl was dressed and ready when I opened my eyes this morning!! I dressed real quick like and we were off....We picked up Meeks and headed for the Rock Block were they both found their new "bestfriend" (LS had really found hers yesterday and ask me at 6:00 last night "what time do they open tomorrow morning?" My friend Alan (who is one of the best Lap Steel players ever)put his Lap Steel in LS's hot little hands last night, he gave her a quick lesson and she was a "natural" (but of course!!) Alan and Meeks talked about the Lap Steel in great detail yesterday also, so with the help of Alan today he bought one!!! Look out Austin!! Cowgirl or maybe I should call her the Sheriff now lol (thank you very much Meeks) has told you what she fell in with and she has been carrying it around like a baby all day.

I guess if I have to pick one moment out of my time with her this weekend that will touch my heart forver is when she and her namesake saw and embraced for the very first time in their lives. Oh God how I could feel Mick, I almost broke down right there and cried but I will save that for when she is gone.

LS has walked the streets that her Father once walked, heard stories from lots of people, seen his albums, 45"s and CD's in the record stores down on Broadway....it's been a very cool and sometimes very emotional time....

I have alllllllll kinds of pictures that I will bring to Austin to share.

Ok I am tired lol so I will close for now.

Judy W.

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