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Author:  Meeks
E-mail:  meeks@congray.com
Date:  5/17/2013 11:03:39 AM
Subject:  Why Live In Tombstone
Message:  This past Monday, I walked into town and spotted a crowd in front of the old Bird Cae Theater and I knew what that meant. Another Tombstoner had p had died recently and the ;WALKDOWN' for the man nicnamed "Rooster" was about to begin.

I joined the procession of more than a hundred, most completely attired in 1880s mmourning dress, including ladies in black and holding black parasols. RO my knowledge, Tombstone and New Orleans are the only tow places one can see this type of tribute. This was the first I've ever been par of where a giant drum sounded the Dead March as the procession moved slow3ly and silently down the three blocks of historic Allen Street to the City Park, next door to the IK Corral.

In about 70 degree weahter with a nice cool breeze blowing There was a brief ceremony with friends of Rooster invited to add their comments and memories It reminded me of most old black and white western movies of the 50s, etc., and I was always aware ot the ever present breeze always noticable by the leaves on trees moving with the gentle wind.

I had to leave prior to the close of the ceremony, but if it went the way of all others, everyone was invited to join the crows for a wake to be held at the Crystal Palace Saloon or possibly Big Nose Kate's Saloon.

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