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Author:  Ginny G.
E-mail:  ggnadt@att.net
Date:  5/1/2013 4:27:38 AM
Subject:  Thank you for your kind birthday wishes!
Message:  I had a nice birthday. Went out to lunch with a friend and to dinner with my youngest sister. On Monday night, I went out to dinner with my other sister and brother-in-law. That's a whole lot of "restauranting"! Now I have to waddle into work this morning. ;)

I am truly grateful for all your kind thoughts. I was kind of dreading this birthday because I'd spent the last four birthdays with my Dad, who I lost eight months ago. But with help from all of you, I made it through and felt very loved. Thank you so much!

 Thank you for your kind birthday wishes! by Ginny G.  at 5/1/2013 4:27:38 AM