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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  4/30/2013 7:16:02 PM
Subject:  Re: Ginny
Message:  Is it too late? Happy Blue Bell Day, Ginny. I say this with a little sadness and misplaced trust on my part. I'll explain: Yesterday as I was walking by the Blue Bell Ice Cream, my eyes lit up as I saw this new flavor called Country Bell and it was a dollar cheaper. Got to the counter to check out and the lady there pointed out to me that it was made by Blue BUNNY!!! There's got to be a law against putting something like that, right next to the real Blue BELL. Almost didn't eat it.

Hope you had a great day.   Oh, my day? Well as long as you asked. It stunk. All the kids are sick, I'm still waiting for the Dr. to call and tell me if all I need is a shot in the hip or a hip replacement.   My oil change only cost me $753, which happens to be the amount I had set aside for the gathering so it looks like that is out and my wife's oil royalty check, that she got today was an all time LOW of $450. So have a happy birthday Ginny. At least one of us will be happy.

Love as always, LL

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