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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/1/2004 11:51:30 AM
Subject:  Re: Going Live
Hey Friends,

I need your help. Due to weight, logistics and shipping cost, I am taking only a few books to Austin, mainly for overseas porchers and folks who do not frequent the porch.

Like any customer, I must pre-pay books ordered from AuthorHouse. Many friends have asked me to send them an autographed copy or hand-carry one to Austin. Please understand, I am not set up to do this. AuthorHouse is an incredibly well-oiled machine. They ship thousands of books daily, all over the world. Domestically, books are received in about ten days after order. Overseas air mailings take five additional days.

“Mickey Newbury : Crystal & Stone” (in hard cover and paperback) will be available for ordering directly from AuthorHouse by Mick’s birthdate, May 19, perhaps a bit earlier. AuthorHouse accepts all major credit cards, and orders can be placed:

1. Via their simple and secure on-line system


2. Via toll free telephone at 1-888-519-5121.

3. They also accept checks, but be warned, they wait for the check to clear.

About 45 days after the book “goes live” at AuthorHouse, it will be available for ordering at most major worldwide bookstores, both real and virtual, such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. But... it will be less expensive and more immediately available from AuthorHouse.

More than I can express, I am deeply humbled by a request to autograph this book, and it will be my honor to do so. Please work with me on this. Please pre-order it from AuthorHouse and bring it to Austin. If you’re not coming to Austin, then I’ll do my best to visit you - wherever you are - during one of my business trips. Now that the book is done, I've got to get back to work.   

Love ya,


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