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Author:  Randy
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Date:  4/11/2013 4:48:47 AM
Subject:  Re: 2013 Gathering
Message:  Yes, Mickey comes to visit occasionally, as does my late father. On the way to the 2003 gathering he visited in the car on the way down and gave me the song "Empty Streets", through which I met the unforgettable Ron Lyons. If there was ever any doubt in my mind about life on the other side, it was vanquished by the infrequent visits from Those that dwell there. I'll never forget my first time on the Front Porch when I asked about the Photon guitar Mick played on the "In a New Age" album. I was so shocked that Mickey answered me back personally with the great story about Chet Atkins and Marie Rhines and how he walked away from lunch with the violinist, the guitar, and a new album of his great songs. It's been a good trip with a lot of good friends gathered along the way. The gatherings should always be about Mick, his music, his memory, and nothing else. The best to all with love and light, RB   

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