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Author:  Charlie Day
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Date:  4/10/2013 9:45:39 PM
Subject:  Re: 2013 Gathering
Message:  So here is the thing about the 2013 Mickey Newbury/Blue Board Gathering...I see only three or four people responding to any posts about "a gathering"..on the other deal it says several hundred have LOOKED at the posts and yet not responded ??? A nice lady I don't know but have spoken with by cell has checked with the very nice hotel in Austin where things were held last year...Clyde and I had, and this is before we left Jerrys driveway, thought it should be closer to Mamie and Jerrys town north of Houston and cause Mamie has been a little under the weather it still seems a good idea plus Larry Larry said he would show up and do his blue bell act if it was close enough for him to attend....and Clyde and I have chosen our least favorite two guitars to hock in order to drive over there...next page

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