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Author:  Charlie Day
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Date:  4/10/2013 9:34:56 PM
Subject:  Re: 2013 Gathering
Message:  So anyhow, Clyde the bass player and I went to Mamies birthday party...well as usual we were late but ended up at Jerry and Brendas visited, sang a few and crashed on the couch...we never get to vist with Mamie but somehow the next day she just showed up and we had the best time listening to her stories and jokes...had some great gumbo for breakfast...anyhow she, like Mick, was wondering if the gatherings would go on and if folks would ever come home to the blue board..and we said sure Mamie !...She said that she would like that and that it had always been people on the porch that arranged things to make it happen, that it was not about her and the family but about porch people..as it should be...we love you Mamie

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