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Author:  Charlie Day
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Date:  4/10/2013 8:50:56 PM
Subject:  2013 Gathering
Message:  when ya google Mickey Newbury Gathering it seems that a lot of folks are out there in cyberland trying to make a buck/find fame.etc off of my friends name and legacy....he was never about the fame or getting rich off of his talent, he was about the music, the smiles on the faces, always paying it forward...if you told him that you liked the hat he was wearing he would take it off and give it to you ! Mick had a way of making everyone in the room feel like he was your very own best friend...and he was..I remember a time when we all sat in front of this blue board posting to each other about our friends/family/prayers/things going on in our lives telling stories about the old days, talking about the music, the lyrics, things we felt we learned by just listening to the man...and...and once in a great while he would, when he was able to, make a small post to let us know he was with us and about us and loved and cared about each and every one of us...and boy the old blue board would light up for the rest of the night....and somehow we all felt better about our lives no matter what we were going through...Mickey wanted this blue board to go on after he left us, he told me so, he talked about many of you as if you were his best friends because you were and are still...at the first Austin Gathering Chris said he felt his dad was still here somehow and he IS...sometimes late at night when I'm pondering life maybe writing or just strumming a guitar I swear I can FEEL his presance, the windchimes will go off when there is no breeze or crazy chords I didn't know before will find thier way to my hands...the gatherings are about his family us porch people putting a face with the posts...

 2013 Gathering by Charlie Day at 4/10/2013 8:50:56 PM
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