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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  3/31/2013 8:11:41 PM
Subject:  Mamie, on Easter
Message:  Mamie on Easter evening

Roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots,biscuit, and real peach cobbler for desert. For a hospital, it was pretty doggone good.... Oh and the gravy really put the finishing touch on the whole dinner.

Before you start bad mouthing me, let me say that I offered to put the straw in the BOOST drink there for her, but she didn’t want it AND the people there knew that I ate it, so it didn’t get written down as something she ate. If I would have been there 30 minutes earlier it would have been warmer.

Basically this was Mamie’s fault because when I first got there she got out of her bed ( Yes she can walk), by herself with no help, and went to the bath room, leaving me there smelling that delicious food.

Mamie is much better, even though there is a long road to recovery. Brenda said that she starts therapy tomorrow. Poor baby, she thought that when she was being moved to another room, they were getting her ready to go home.

I talked to Jonmark, on the phone, on the way over there for about 20-30 minutes.. It was a conversation that was way over due by two friends. Made the ride much better. It started when I got a text telling me to tell Mamie that he loved her. Only thing was that there was no name. So I text him back and said “ Ok, who are you?” Then he text back and said in was Jonmark and some other stuff. Then I just called him and told him to not start this Laura Cherry BS of long text when we could just talk. It was good to hear his voice again. Seriously, when I mentioned JM’s message to Mamie, a huge smile came across her face, and she said something like “ Oh Really?” I then thought back to how she looked when I came in. ... I don’t want to talk about it!

She said that , where they did the surgery on her neck, was itching. I was shocked that there were no more IV’s hooked to her. That’s good and also, if she doesn’t start drinking more water, could cause her kidneys to get back into bad shape.

Like I said, I offered to put the straw into the Boost drink that was there for her. I picked it up so I could read what all was in it, hoping to encourage her to drink it. I moved to the bathroom light. I didn’t have my best glasses and the print was still pretty small. After about half a minute Mamie says
“ Hell, I can read better than that!” I slowly looked up and told her to “ Leave me alone, I’m doing the best I can.” If I didn’t think it would make me have to stop on the side of the road, and take a poop, I would have drank it just for spite.

looks like this rehab could be a couple of weeks and some words of encouragement could really help.

If any of you want to email me a letter or thought for Mamie, I’ll take them over when I go.

My email is: larrymoore@cebridge.net. For a subject, maybe just put, For Mamie, and I will see it better. Don’t forget to include your name.

Ok, it’s late 10 pm Texas time and I’m going to go pop some popcorn.

Good night,

Good Night JM, love you.


 Mamie, on Easter by larry larry  at 3/31/2013 8:11:41 PM
 Re: Mamie, on Easter by Jonmark at 4/1/2013 9:41:14 PM