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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  3/26/2013 10:54:19 AM
Subject:  Mamie Today
Message:  It's 12:12pm Texas time and I just got back from the hospital.

Before getting to the hospital I stopped at Sonic and got a dozen of the "meal deal" Breakfast Burritos. That means that they just cost a dollar each.... not the regular ones that cost like $2.64 and 4.59 or something like that. Hey I'm not $Dave Franklin$.

When I got there Jerry was waiting out side Mamie's room, while they were doing something, like going to the bathroom or something. OF WHICH I was very much in need of using and was hoping I could use once I got to her room. Mountain Dew, Coffee, and Blood Pressure meds don't work good together.

So I shoved the burritos into Jerry's arms and took off for the only other bathroom I knew of, eight miles down the hall, in the waiting room. I must have said hello to 15 people or more on the way down.

Finally got back to where Jerry was still standing out side, with the burritos laying on a stainless steel cart. Don''t know where the cart had been or how many diseases it had been around before Jerry put the burritos on it. I'm just glad I ate my three in the car, on the way there.

Finally we entered the room, together, and there sat Mamie, in the chair by the window, combing her hair, with a comb. With the morning sun shining in it almost looked like the hair of an angel, as she would stroke it and it would fall back in place again.

She was in good spirits and hungry for some Chile ( see if I ever bring anything else for her to eat.).

To make it short, the good news is that Mamie's kidneys are functioning properly and the carotid artery surgery will take place today or tomorrow and , it seems, that the Dr. isn't expecting any major complications with it , according to Jerry.

The bad news is that Pat showed up and told us that a cop nailed him for doing 60 in a 40 mph zone. The good news is that he looked at his license and just told him to be careful. Do you know what excuse Pat gave for going so fast? He said " Oh sorry. I wasn't paying attention because I was listening to this sports news show on the radio". Is that not the lamest piece of crap for an excuse in the world? I'd be in jail. Hacked me off. I almost didn't get up and give him my chair to sit in.

Got a call from the pharmacy saying that my hydrocodone pills had been filled and were ready. I had been out for three days so I told Mamie " I love ya, and had planned to stay ten minutes more, but I had to get my priorities right, so I'll see you later."

I've filled this post with a lot of BS because there's not much to say. Basically : She's well enough to have the operation and should be home by the weekend.

It's Mamie...... What else did you expect?


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