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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  3/22/2013 9:50:23 AM
Subject:  Gathering or not!
Message:  Time will only tell more, whatever happen this year!

Susanne Williamson, Sue Ann, Barb & Felix, late Ron & Roy, the performers, and so many more have used lots of there free time and sometime maybe there “pocket money” on many of us, and I will always remember all my many Mickey Newbury Gatherings, all from 2004 and ahead – NINE so far.

I have been so lucky, to be able to arrival a little early, many of the years to The Gatherings, and seen how much works this people has done for us all, to have a great Gathering, years after years.

I have hope over the years, that more Newbury people has been able to show up more often, but fully understand in the same way, work, children, money maybe, other reasons, but after all, I have got so many good friends, “a new family” and even LL have I learn to love, my way, what more can I ask for.

Also all this privat travel around in the area, before or after the Gathering, have been extra a joy for me!

Many of us have even watch, some of the children “in our group”, grown up, and even got a child.

And to get to learn so many skill performers, and all this lovely music, both when the sing Mickey Newbury covers, or there own songs.
Lovely Miss Mamie has always been our midpoint, lighthouse there, and if I remember right today, she has shown up all years I has been in Texas.
The Gathering will never been the same without dear Miss Mamie.

Sadly we have lost so many on “our way”, and many sad, but mostly glad tears I have cried here, better late, than never.

If there be a 2013 Gathering, I almost be there 100%, as it look today, if the Gathering is around same time as last year.

I have “lots of weeks back” I can travel – more or less I have 3-4 old weeks left, I can move to the next “holiday year”, who start 1th May, where the “nice people” give me extra 5-6 more weeks to spend, plus senior days to, for later holiday with my Jane, August or September, weeks I can use up to May 2014.
Don`t hope LL read this here again – ha!

I hope I just can “fly away” around 7-8th June to US of A, around 11 weeks from now, and be away for 3-4 weeks, if my boss allows – but most of my colleagues have children, and hold first there holiday in July, when schools, 6-7 weeks off, and kindergartens keeps some weeks closed.

Hope maybe to be around New York, Arizona and Texas, but only times will tell more, if I travel.

I am on way to 62 and could already retire at 60, voluntary early retirement, but hope to “be around” to 65, who is the normal retirement years here, from me born in 1951, younger than me, has to retire later in the years to come, the government has set.
I am not a writer, but done my best…

I will stop my novel here now – ha!



erik “the Dane”

 Gathering or not! by erik "the dane" at 3/22/2013 9:50:23 AM