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Author:  Keith
E-mail:  chiefengbo@hotmail.com
Date:  5/1/2004 2:17:05 AM
Subject:  Re: Tribute CD
Message:  Jackie,

The "Tribute CD" was a collection of recordings of Mickey's music that a lot of Mickey's friends, "the porchers" , had recorded and sent to him for the 2001 CD. He put it all together, edited it, tweaked the audio, and mixed it all together, and produced a beautiful looking CD.
Randy B had a great painting of an old train that absolutely MADE the cover.

Mine was 20+ years old and recorded on tape when I was 26, and had become very noisy over the years. (I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now...)
Jeff made it sound better than I ever imagined it would, but it was still me "caterwallin'" a long time ago just because I loved Mickey's music and loved to sing it...

There were so many other cuts on there that were absolutely great!

(We even got to hear Sweet Bobby sing)...

We all had fun putting it together, and Jeff worked tirelessly on it. Mickey got to hear it before he passed on, and he seemed to like it.

I would hope there will be copies in Austin, but that is not for me to decide...

Keith Bowman

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