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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  larrymoore@cebridge.net
Date:  3/3/2013 11:15:30 AM
Subject:  Mamie in the Hospital
Message:  But hopefully getting out today ( Sunday ). Brenda took her to the hospital either Thursday or Friday and the Dr. said " You're not going home. You're going straight to the hospital!"

She was way way dehydrated and hadn't been eating enough. Brenda called me around noon yesterday to tell me. I went over and spent about two hours with her. Craig, it's the same hospital in Humble that you and I went to see her. You know, the one where she said she didn't pull a knife on me, when I tried to make her eat but won't admit to it. Now her story was that she was just kidding. Whatever.

She looked good and said that she felt a 100% better, now.

When I got there the nurses station told me how to get to her room and talked about what a sweet heart she is. All I said was " Really? "

I kept waiting and finally her supper arrived. Chicken, rice, vegetables and a salad. She wasn't happy that there was no bread to go with her meal. She made that fact known enough times that I finally went to someone that could give me some bread. I kept looking at the treys that the patients had already eaten from and were out in the hall, but, no bread. Finally asked for some and I was told that they didn't have any bread at that Hospital. I said " Seriously !" Got her some crackers instead and that helped a little.

Kept telling her to eat something and she said that she didn't like rice. I told her that she wasn't staying at McDonalds and to just eat the chicken. Even demonstrated how that was done. As much as I tried to keep a straight face, I couldn't hid the fact that the chicken Sucked. So we ate the only good thing there, some vanilla wafers.

She is supposed to let me know something later.

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