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Author:  RICHARD
E-mail:  RASNYC20@aol.com
Date:  1/3/2013 6:23:39 AM
Message:  It's been years since I've been here,
Happy New Year and hope all is well.
I thought I heard every Mickey Newbury recording and cover. I was up all night playing Glen Campbell cds (I'm usually up all night working but today I was off), He is so great, talented, unbelievably modest and unpretentious.
Anyway I was looking at the essential GC and there it was - a never before released cut called'Blue Sky Shining.' Could it be? Can't be - it is. There is the full lush Nelson Riddle orchestra and the song is very much in the manner of Mickey's own version - very good. They seemed to have trouble recording this because before the music starts whoever that person is that says these things at recording sessions said 'TAKE 7' but they pretty much nailed it on take 7.
I have gathering T shirts and a poster hanging on my music room door but have you ever made tshirts with his likeness (I know he didn't want them)???OK, 9:00AM - I must go to sleep.

 GLEN CAMPBELL/MICKEY by RICHARD  at 1/3/2013 6:23:39 AM
 Re: GLEN CAMPBELL/MICKEY by erik "the dane" at 1/3/2013 11:50:56 AM