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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  12/31/2012 3:23:59 AM
Subject:  Happy New Year!
Message:  Dear all!

A hello from Denmark, where my Jane and I are at Janes apartment in town Alleroed, 10 min. car drive from my home in Hilleroed.

We will have good food, wine and look at fireworks later.

Time here 31th December lunchtime.

Thanks for many good moments in 2012, both in Austin, Texas and on internet.

As said before I was on my long USA trip this summer, two times in NYC and in Tucson, Arizona.

In NYC was I was out to eat with Jimmy Webb lovely lady Laura, and with her to see the screening of The Wrecking Crew movie.
The LA studio cats.
My friend Denny was behind this movie, and his late father was Tommy Tedesco, legendary lead guitar player in this "Phil Spector group".
I speak short with Jimmy Webb over phone, when I was at my hotel, out near JFK airport.

On way home from Austin Texas, I was out with dear Jon from New Jersey, I have known for 25 years.

I was total up and down with flights 20 times on my was this summer of 2012 in US of A, and on my way over.

A much dear friend of mine is married into girl singer Linda Ronstadts family, and I was with her in Tucson, in some days.

Hope the best for this people who is ill in "our group", and hope for the best for them all and there family`s in 2013.

Hope to be back in Texas and around in 2013, can maybe be my last trip over.

BUT time will tell more!

Can already retire (more than 1 year back), but maybe 1-2 years from now, I will "go home" and retire, if I had to, or will.

LOVE to all!


erik "the Dane"

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