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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  12/15/2012 6:38:07 PM
Subject:  revised poem for students
Message:  From my face book site.

This is a revised version of a poem I wrote to the parents of the first soldier killed after 9/11.
I saw the parents of that young boy on one of the morning tv/ news shows. It broke my heart. My friend singer / songwriter, Mickey Newbury, would say that if something bothered you confront it by writing about it. So I did and I put it on Mickey’s web site. Someone saw it and said that they knew the parents and would it be ok to give them a copy. So they did. Heard later that the poem and the soldiers picture were framed on the wall of his bedroom. I’m an idiot and forgot who it was that knew them and what the soldiers name was.
     Anyway, over the years I’ve used it and revised it for many people that have lost their son or daughter in an unexpected and untimely death.
     Just thought I’d revise it again and put this up for all the family and friends that had their child, loved one, and friends pass away this week , in the senseless killing of the students and teachers of a Newtown Elementary School, and are caught in the depression of spending their first Christmas without their son or daughter.
     I revised the poem for a girl also. Genius that I am I just changed the word boy to.....you guessed it....girl.
     I guess we all should keep in mind that anytime a loved one walks through the door, that , that could be the LAST TIME that we see them alive.


The last time I saw you, I didn’t know.
It’d be the last time, that I’d see you go.
In the back of my mind, were always some fears.
Today they came true, there’s proof in my tears.

I’ve always known, that life has an end.
God is my strength, but tonight, not a friend.
I know that His word, is faithful and true.
But did he not hear, when I prayed for you?

So many things that I never said.
No more the dreams of what lies ahead.
I can’t call you in to eat supper tonight.
Wish time would turn back and make everything right.

From this day forward, it won’t be the same.
Wrapped Christmas presents, calling your name.
Lights on a tree, that no longer shine.
Like poison red berries that cling to the vine.*

Pictures and dreams still guard your wall.
Pencil mark records of when you grew tall.
Clothes in a closet, that you’ll never wear.
Tears soak your pillow as I lay here and stare.

Your room is now empty, like never before.
No more the hope, that you’ll walk through the door.
They say you’re in Heaven   That should bring me joy.
But, my Christmas wish ..... to hold my little boy.

* Stole this line from singer/songwriter, Mickey Newbury.

Line to end for girl:
They say you’re in heaven, but my minds in a whirl.
My Christmas wish.... to hold my little girl.

 revised poem for students by larry larry at 12/15/2012 6:38:07 PM