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Author:  Karen (Australia)
E-mail:  karenwarne7@gmail.com
Date:  10/4/2012 6:27:05 AM
Subject:  Re: LOVE
Message:  Hi Ro and Bill and everyone, and thank you. Not much has changed here in my neck o' the woods. PO going OK but long hours and hard work for me as I still suffer chronic fatigue. I seem to be forever chasing my tail and never get much free time. Hence my lack of visits here to this lovely place, but I think of you all and keep you in my prayers.

Melvin is... well, Melvin! He is well and still loving Mickey's music (I truly believe that is Mickey's doing!).
My eldest daughter has been terribly ill over recent years but is currently doing better so that is a relief. Fingers crossed.

My other daughter is expecting my first grandchild in February (my kids are slow on the settling down) so I am over the moon about that. I have a HUGE love for babies and children and have been known to steal them out of their mother's arms in the Post Office "to allow you to address that parcel much better".

My son has not had any luck in getting his music played on radio (where have we heard that before) so that is disappointing, to say the least. It seems a terrible waste of great music to me. I am his mother though, as Melvin reminds me. For anyone interested, check out Cullen Easily Impressed on YouTube.

The play pusses are excellent now that the drought has broken and swim and flirt terribly in their little ponds. But of course, people rarely get to see them. I am sure Larrylarry would see them though.
My bestest love to you all. xxx

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