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Author:  Flint Smith
E-mail:  Flintstormy@yahoo.com
Date:  9/29/2012 3:42:05 PM
Subject:  Re: I remember...
Message:  i remember the time my sister missy, my dad ( bill Smith) and i piled up in the car and made the 3hr drive from Teague,Tx to Houston, Tx just to go see Mickey. That was the greatest day of my life. i fell in love with Mickeys music from that point on. then one night i asked my dad if we could call mickey and talk to him. and my dad told me we will this weekend. the next morning my dad called me to his office and told me he needed to tell me something so i walked into the office from my room which was right next door and he said Flint, Mickey past away lastnight. after hearing that i couldn't hold back the tears, and went back to my room. the day that i met mickey seemed only like yesterday. we miss you and love you mickey. may you rest in peace..

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