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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  9/24/2012 5:34:10 AM
Subject:  Gathering 2004 - who was there, around!
Message:  Found a old NOT UPDATE LIST, who was, or maybe was there in AUSTIN, Texas 2004!

Time flies!

Susan Newbury
Leah Newbury
Laura Shayne Newbury
Mamie Newbury
Jerry and Brenda Newbury,
Brenda's friend Linda, and Brenda's Mom, Flo
Dorothy Hamm
Virginia "Smith" Pizzelli & Charlie Pizzelli
Doug Lang
Cowboy Johnson
Susan Williamson
Roy and Sylvia Stamps
Cayce Stamps and family
SueAnn Zere
Bill and Linda Pahlman
Judy W and Mike Charest
Meeks Booker   
Lee Fry
Bud Wilhite
Susie G and Tim
Larry and Suzette
Joey Latunski
Joe Ziemer
Connie Smith
Randy B and Lynn
Ernie and Gail
John and Sue Meares
Hank Beukema
Dawn And Jim Moreillon
Craig and Janet Wilkins & Christian & Lauren McDonald
Gary Burton and Mrs. Burton
Egbert Meyers and Ab Gritter
Lib, Shirley, and Bobbi
Andrew Polk
William and Thea
Karen R and her sister, Donna Smith
Chris Fraser
Jeanene Van Zandt
Connie Nelson
Charlie Day
Lana Nelson
Jackie Siess
Delano and Marie Newberry
Elton and Sallie Noel
Margaret Miller
Ron Lyons
Philip White
Claude "Butch" Morgan
Mary Miller
Toni Jolene & Vic Clay
Rita Coolidge
Dave Franklin
Mike Beck
Joe Smallwood
Ron Fulton
Flo Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark
X Lincoln and Connie
Kacey Jones
Marie Rhines
David Farenthold
Erik "The Dane" Christensen
Ben Dorcy
Jeff Douglas
Stu, Roisin, and Jonathan Desmarais (San Diego)
Jason Stone
Russ Bartlett

If at all possible Jimmy Mac

"Maybe"s include:
RB Lindsey
Bill Smith and Flint
Billy Mazappa and Cletis Stanley Mazappa
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Everett
Mark Germino

Here is the Performers List as it stands today
It includes those who are willing to provide music, and those who wish to provide other forms of communication. An asterisk beside a name means possible, but not confirmed.
I will amend it as we moved closer to Gathering IV.
Please let me know if I've somehow forgotten you.

Laura Newbury (USA)
Susan Newbury (USA)
Sammi Smith (USA)
Larry Moore ( ? )
RB Lindsay* (USA)
Andrew Polk (USA)
Jonmark Stone (USA)
Billy Mazappa* (Canada)
Joe Ziemer (USA)
X Lincoln* (USA)
Cowboy Johnson (USA)
Albert & Gage (USA)
Randy Brown (USA)
Egbert Meyers (Netherlands)
Ernie Bunch (USA)
Ron Lyons (USA)
Jimmie Mac* (USA)
Randy Dodds (USA)
Hank Beukema (USA)
Chris Serger (USA)
Stuart Adamson (USA)
Hilary Tomkins (USA)
Charlie Day (USA)
Albert Mendoza (USA?)
Chris Fraser (Australia)
Elton Noel (USA)
Doug Lang (Canada)
Jon Emery (USA)
Rita Coolidge (USA)
Toni Jolene Clay (USA)
Jon Rutherford (USA)
Sonny Throckmorton (USA)
Magne & Mike Beck (Norway)
Claude Morgan (USA)
Marie Rhines (USA)
John Law (Canada)
Michelle Law (Canada)
Steven Bruton (USA)
Kacey Jones (USA)
Jason Stone (USA)

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