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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  9/10/2012 10:08:36 PM
Subject:  Me and Bobby McGee and more...
Message:  If I remember right today, dear Joe Ziemer wrote in his book about Mickey Newbury, that he was the first ever to record Kris Kristofferson`s song "Me And Bobby McGee" as a demo.

This wrote down here, is a old friend of mine BRIAN GARI, from his Facebook profile 4th September 2012.

I have meet Brian several times in New York, and before he had work for Jimmy Webb.

Brian wrote!
I just had the greatest reunion by phone with Betty Smythe who gave me my first real performing job in Greenwich Village, New York City at a place called The Underground (now the Comedy Cellar).
I was 18 years old and we passed the hat to make money down there.
I used to go home with about $25 after many sets but it was truly a great learning experience. I was the first person to sing "Me And Bobby McGee" before Janis.
I was using a 12 string guitar I bought from Journeyman Dick Weissman.
Years later Papa John Phillips asked to buy it back from me!


Brian`s grandfather was legendary musical comedian, Eddie Cantor graced Hollywood in films, radio, and television more than a half of a century before.


He performed his songs in New York comedy and cabaret clubs such as the Ballroom, Reno Sweeney, Catch a Rising Star, the Improv, the Comic Strip and the Copa.


Has written over 800 songs in over 40 years of songwriting.


Brian also produced a collection of Neil Sedaka rarities released under the title The Brooklyn Demos. His dedication to Sedaka continued with writing the book for the box set for The Bear Family label in Germany.



erik "the Dane"

 Me and Bobby McGee and more... by erik "the dane" at 9/10/2012 10:08:36 PM