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Author:  Ginny G.
E-mail:  ggnadt@att.net
Date:  8/28/2012 2:42:09 PM
Subject:  My Daddy died this morning...
Message:  Luckily, something made me stay overnight at the hospice despite the fact that the doctor told me yesterday that he thought Dad had 2-7 days and that nothing would happen last night. (I guess technically, it didn't happen till morning.)

I was very grateful to be with my Dad, holding his hand, stroking him and telling him I loved him and that we all loved him as he died. I didn't understand his response, but my sisters said he said "Love you" back to us. He was surrounded by love.

He was looking up into the far corner of the room just before he died, and I believe he was seeing Jesus, my Mom, his folks and siblings. My Dad had two sisters who died in a fire before he was born. He is now getting the chance to meet those sisters. :)

I feel eternally blessed to have been at the bedside of both my parents when they died.

My Dad was a very special man. He has been in the hospital and later in the hospice since Aug. 7, and had a constant and sometimes overwhelming stream of visitors. I knew my Dad had a lot of friends, but I had no idea just how many friends he had. So many were able to see him and tell him how much he meant to them and how much they loved him. It was humbling to watch.

I know my Dad is in a better place now, and is free of his pain and suffering. It is those of us who have this gap in our lives that now need your prayers and support. Thank you for all your prayers.

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