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Author:  San Diego
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Date:  6/3/2012 4:33:10 PM
Subject:  June 4th
My sons are home in honor of their Dad. Tomorrow...June 4th...two years since Stu died. They interrupt each other with stories. The "Witch House" they loved because of its peaked turreted roofs and spooky back stairway. A hundred year old Victorian Stu put up backboards on either side. Thump, thump, thump... Like living inside a drum. In winter he flooded the yard for an ice rink. First he leveled it with the snow blower. Then we'd stand there half the night with hoses frozen to our hands. The neighborhood kids would be waiting in the driveway with sparklers when he came home.

The rest of his family will be arriving through June, but for now... We're just...spinnin' that old memory thing in our heads...

Please... Send me recipes for a crowd.

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