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Author:  mike c
E-mail:  mrcrr-1@excite.com
Date:  5/29/2012 11:04:57 PM
Subject:  question
at the beginning of may i had a chance to meet
alan frizzell. he got to talking about mickey
and he loved mickey, i mentioned our gathering
and he would really like to drop in friday or
saturday as an additional performer paying
tribute to mickey/
the problem is he needs to be able to pay his
expenses to get there and back so gayle has
asked me to find out if our porchers would
know of any local churches there that would
let alan perform that weekend. they have one
contact but need at least a few.
alan would really like to there as my guest.
can anyone post some info here that i can tell
gayle or alan so that i can make it possible
to be there to perform as my special guest

ill look here for some replies and thanks for your help

mike c/judy c
nashville tn

 question by mike c  at 5/29/2012 11:04:57 PM