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Author:  Isaac
E-mail:  sahbjtaw@tctarjtr.com
Date:  5/10/2012 5:02:51 AM
Subject:  syWIEsNXVxIYll
Message:  Even prior to being saved, I have always been a polepe-pleaser. I have allowed so many to suck the life out of me. With God's guidance, I have learned from who and when to walk away. It has taken SO many of the burdens off of my shoulders, the burdens that I would carry around for others until I was lying face down in the dirt from the weight of it all. And I realize God is not asking me to turn away from these polepe but rather to allow Him to take care of them so that He can take care of me. BUT, there is one I cannot seem to turn away from, my mother. She is all 5 types of drainer at different points of the day, week, month and year. I had cut her off for about 7 months while I dealt with the darkest time in my life and the Lord guided me to where I am now. So I decided it was time to reintroduce my mother into my Christ filled life. Within 3 days of talking to her, I have already begun to feel her burdens weighing me down, making me feel hopeless and drained of life. I ask for wisdom in my prayers in what I should do but the message seems clouded, and the message I THINK I am hearing I want to deny. Surely the Lord is not asking me to cut her off again completely? How do you set boundaries with close loved ones??

 syWIEsNXVxIYll by Isaac  at 5/10/2012 5:02:51 AM