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Author:  Ed Heffelfinger
E-mail:  austinpickers@yahoo.com
Date:  4/23/2012 11:38:36 AM
Subject:  MICK'S PLACE
Message:  Since my return from living in China, I've been going thru boxes of old video tapes I've done over the past almost thirty years.
I ran across some video of Mickey I had completely forgotten about. There's the gathering video...you've seen the final performance footage. But there's much more of that. There's video of The VanZandt family visiting the family home, my son, Chris at 11 years old visiting Mick.
Anyway, I edited my favorite footage into a short film called, MICK'S PLACE and uploaded it to YouTube.
Hope you enjoy it!

 MICK'S PLACE by Ed Heffelfinger  at 4/23/2012 11:38:36 AM
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