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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  4/21/2012 8:06:42 AM
Subject:  Visitation for Nathan
Message:  Suzette and I waited, yesterday afternoon, to see if the weather was going to allow us to make the trip to Katy, Texas to the Visitation of Janet and Craigs son Nathan. The drive was about an hour and a half from here and if we didn't get to leave by about 5:30 we wouldn't be there in the 6-8pm time frame. Somewhere around 4:45 or so, Suzette said " Let's go ahead and leave, I think the bad part of the weather is ending." The timing was perfect, between the Houston traffic and the weather, we got there a little after 7pm.

Then came the hardest part, finding a parking space so we could go in. You can't imagine how many people were there. The parking lot was full and the street was lined with cars on both sides. After driving back and forth, we saw a truck leaving that was right behind the funeral home, and we got it. There were a zillion people outside and the same or more inside.

Of course with me taking Blood Pressure meds and drinking coke on the way over, I had to find the mens room while Suzette signed us in. Just to show how crowed it was, I had to stand guard,outside the mens room, so Suzette could do her thing. That's something that she would never do, but...... ( and won't like me telling )

We walked through the entrance, also very crowed, and had to wait for a chance to get into the main room. We finally got in and saw Janet. She and Suzette hugged as I stood there. Nothing against Craig but Suzette probably wouldn't have gone had it not been for her fondness of Janet. Then came my turn to hug Janet and before I could even get my arms around her.... I stepped on her foot. She hugged me anyway and said to not worry about it. I told her that, that was the way I used to dance with Suzette.

Janet looked tired. She wasn't crying but you could tell that she, like any mother in her place, was dealing with a very broken heart.

Craig was surrounded by people and saw us and, in a few minutes, came over and we did the hug thing again, without me stepping on his foot.

Craig was, well..Craig. Gracious, loving, and dealing with his own emotions while being way more nice to everybody than I could have, under the circumstances.

There was an open casket down front, cradling, a man, husband, father, son, and the little boy that Janet gave birth to so long ago.

On the wall was a picture presentation that showed many aspects of Nathans life. Although it showed pictures of his life, I kept thinking that those would be the memories that, along with others, would be what would keep him alive in his friend and families Heart.

We never went any closer than the back of the room. We didn't stay long and while I'm sure the family appreciated the turn out of all those many people that came to show their support and love, they needed the rest.

As I post this it's about five minutes until the funeral funeral will take place. Hold them in your prayers and hearts ( as I know that's what all of our Newbury porch family will do) as they go through this most trying of times.... saying their final good by.


PS: The weather is beautiful. Sunny, cool, and a breeze that touches the faces of all who are there as if it were a light touch of the hand of God.

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