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Author:  Susie G
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Date:  4/1/2012 10:57:00 AM
Subject:  Rene

i have questioned why we were moved to dallas when her treatment has apparently not changed by any measures that could not have been taken in mansfield. that was before i met dr jeyarajah, dr jay for short. he is her admitting physician and is directing her care. when he appeared in the doorway this morning i was struck by he presence. there is a light about him that is unmistakable. he introduced himself, gave a brief rundown of her condition as he sees it and a quick summary of the treatment he is proposing. when he finished he asked me if i had any questions. I had none, he took both my hands in his and said, "so what i need you to pray for today is increased kidney function, increased oxygen in her blood and that there is no infection that will override what we are doing here. i believe in specific prayer. i know there are surgeons and drs that believe they are God, I know i work for Him."

whatever the outcome of this trauma is, i know that God has sent us an angel and i believe with all my heart that her earthly care will be the very best available. she is, as she has always been, in God's hands.

i join with dr jay in asking for specific prayer and i thank god every day for your love and support.



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