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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  3/30/2012 11:20:03 AM
Subject:  Gathering etc...
Message:  Gathering XII,'12 Theme nominations:
Post here or email to me if you wish to remain anonymous.

We are not doing a registration fee this year.

We WILL be depending on the silent auction to cover expenses so please consider bringing something and supporting it with your bids.

Thank you to those who have pledged to sponsor an artist. I have a list of more that need help in order to come. Some are already on the who's coming list. If you have someone specific in mind you would like to contribute toward attending (room or travel expenses or even just a meal) please email me or Craig. If my email doesn't work with the link, it is: susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Also, please indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous.
If your favorite artist isn't on the list yet, and you want to make an offer to help them get to Austin, we can certainly try to help with that, too.

If you are coming and I've missed your email letting me know, try Craig, or just reply here.
Evidently, sometimes mine doesn't work...go figure, heh.

See you soon!


 Gathering etc... by SusanW  at 3/30/2012 11:20:03 AM
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