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Author:  jeffrey
E-mail:  jelliot07@yahoo.com
Date:  2/4/2012 4:46:50 AM
Subject:  Re: Montezuma Hall
Message:  Live at Montezuma Hall was my introduction to Mr. Mickey Newbury. One Man, One Voice, One Guitar.
No backup, No tricks, No fancy production.
I was 17 and I knew right then and there that was my goal. He was one of a kind and there will likely never be another. I still love him after all these years. Eva Cassidy came the closest I've ever heard, but she never recorded an original song. She did have a wonderful way of making other writers songs her own, as did Mr. Newbury once in a while.
"I came to hear the music". I am not a songwriter, but that was my theme song for 30+ years. Mickey put great words in my mouth. ( I thought he wrote that song just for me. ) actually I felt that way about all his songs.
If only he could have given everyone the ears to hear,His Masters voice.RCA: Royal Celestial Audio.

 Montezuma Hall  by Wayne Renardson  at 1/28/2012 2:00:34 PM
 Re: Montezuma Hall  by jeffrey  at 2/4/2012 4:46:50 AM