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Author:  Larry larry
E-mail:  Lmooremnm@aol.com
Date:  4/24/2004 8:29:28 AM
Subject:  Suggestion for Gathering
Message:  Reckon we could set aside a time, on stage, where people just got up and told Mickey Stories? I'd love to hear them. I think last time there were several stories floating around but they were spread far and wide in groups and I den't get to hear very many. Maybe one story at a time but unlimited times that you could get up there. I met Mickey about 33-34 years ago at Mamies but I really didn't know him as well as others here did. Incluede the family too. Maybe start thinking about the stories now and jot them down. There are several here that have a wealth of things to tell. We could have a special story hour or longer.

 Suggestion for Gathering by Larry larry  at 4/24/2004 8:29:28 AM