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Author:  Dave
E-mail:  dfrank1@earthlink.net
Date:  4/24/2004 5:49:34 AM
Subject:  Re: Walmart cds
Message:  For many years Darrell Royal & Willie put on a golf tournement/music show/drunk here at The Woodlands, where I live. I think Roy & Susan W have attended it also. Each night there would be a dinner & show, then all would retire to a few hotel rooms where good old guitar pulls would happen. It would be a standard hotel room with maybe 30 people in it. It might contain Willie, Haggard, Gatlin, Ray Price, Sonny Throckmorton, Mickey & others. The guitar would be passed around the room & each would sing a couple of their songs. It was almost like a funny game of musical chairs, because nobody wanted to sit behind Mickey...I mean nobody wanted to follow him in a guitar pull, and these were the biggest stars of country music at the time.

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