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Author:  erik "the dane"
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/2/2012 11:32:01 AM
Subject:  Happy New Year to all ...
Message:  ... and thanks for all support for my JIMMY WEBB concert, 18th February 2011 up at famous artmuseum Louisiana, north of Copenhagen, Denmark!

Thanks to Jimmy Webb´s manager Robin Siegel for all support!

To Laura and Jimmy for a great concert, I always will remember, as long as I live!

To Tim Light, Sven and Totti and there friends, who came over from England and down from Finland to support my concert.

Also to my family and to all this for me unknown people, who was up there to support, so I got SOLD OUT, nearly six weeks after I signed the music contract and also that fact, that we only have four weeks to sell concert tickets.

It succeeded without ads in newspapers and music magazines.

Almost NO ONE in Denmark knows who Jimmy Webb is, sadly enough, but several known without doubt his compositions.

But I was a TV star - HA! in a major local television station in the Copenhagen area in a short feature in which I talked about the concert and my great interest in music, recorded at home in my modest apartment, so it was probably my appearance there, that sold tickets - HA!

One of the major national newspapers, very old, named POLITIKEN, also had in their culture section on page three, a nice mention about the upcoming concert and this article, pushed off in earnest sale of concert tickets.

Jane and I was so lucky to bring Laura S.-Webb back to artmuseum Louisiana, the day after J.W.s concert to see a big Piccaso exhibition.
We meet dear Tim Light up there again.
After the artmuseum, we drove to one of the Danish Queens Castle in Fredensborg, not so far from the museum, and have a short photo sessions there.
After that we reach my hometown, just few miles from Fredensborg, and visiting the world famous castle, Frederiksborg Castle, who is placed in my hometown Hilleroed, just in the middle of the town.
We then visited a small restaurant, which was plased just beside the castle and got a little warm to drink and a some small talk, before we both drove Laura back to our capital Copenhagen, and Laura and J.W.s hotel d'Angleterre, one of Denmark's most famous hotel for a lifetime.
Jimmy had the day before going back to England to perform at some concerts, which he had been forced to cancel at the beginning of his European tour because of illness.

Also THANKS to all this for me "unknown people" here on this site, for support, kind words and reply in the year 2011.


erik "the Dane"


 Happy New Year to all ... by erik "the dane" at 1/2/2012 11:32:01 AM
 Re: Happy New Year to all ... by erik "the dane" at 1/2/2012 11:47:49 AM