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Author:  texasroyce
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Date:  12/9/2011 5:26:38 PM
Subject:  Re: December 7th
Message:  All of us old folks can usually come up with a good story of our time on December 7th on a Sunday morning. If I've done this before, Sorry, just ignore it.

We were in Church near Madera, CA where my grandfather preached at a Southern Baptist Church. The minute we left the small church my father drove up in his flat bed truck and told us, "The Japs have bombed Pearl Harbor!"

My mother didn't say a word and I asked where Pearl Harbor was. Nobody knew. We drove back into town and My father took us to Jack's Cafe for lunch. It was pretty busy and everyone is talking about the bombing and everyone talking and whispering when Jack brought out the food order. Finally Jack stopped everything and explained that he was Chinese, not Japanese.

A week later my father got a notice from the draft board. They didn't bring him in but advised him to get to the SF bay area. He went to Oakland and then brought us up and we moved to Alameda. In a couple of months it will be 70 years on this same property but new house. There were so many stories to tell of the war years.

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