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Author:  RandyD
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Date:  12/7/2011 8:07:39 AM
Subject:  Re: Prayers requested
Message:  I knew there was a reason I found my way here this morning. I spoke with my nieces (who really had no choice when it came to having an uncle force upon them), Laura and Leah, in a roundabout way yesterday and they made me long for a more gentler, familiar time and place. Thus, this morning, I climbed up these old familiar, well worn, front porch steps only to learn there has been much heartache and loss in recent days. I am so sorry. I will never profess I know the why of such tragedies. All I know to do in this moment is to move my rocker next to yours, sit quietly, confident in the knowledge each of us knows sometimes there is nothing we can say, but nevertheless we are here for one another always.

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